TWD Actor Joins Daredevil As The Punisher! (Is He The Villain?)

Comic book fans rejoice! Marvel and Netflix have answered our prayers! Not only is the insanely badass vigilante The Punisher coming to the MCU, he’s appearing in season 2 of the hit Marvel/Netflix original, Daredevil!

Not only is the series the perfect show for him to appear in first, given the relationship he has with Daredevil and the dark tone of the show, but the casting is absolutely perfect as well!

Jon Bernthal is known for playing the tough guy, or the antagonist/anti-hero of many TV shows and movies; some notable roles include Brad Bodnick in TheWolf of Wall Street, Grady Travis in Fury, and most importantly, Shane (resident jerkface) in The Walking Dead!

So now we can all rest easy, knowing that not only is The Punisher coming toDaredevil, but he’s being portrayed by an incredibly suitable actor. Except, no we can not. Because as every comic book fan, or fan of generally anything knows, we won’t be satisfied with just knowing that a character is coming, we NEED to know why!

So it’s time to put on your speculation caps, hoodies and/or novelty sunglasses as I ask the question:

Is The Punisher The Bad Guy?

Now I know that The Punisher, punishing as he may be (haha), isn’t necessarily a bad guy, so I’m not saying that he’ll be a supervillain in this show. However, he may be just that in the eyes of Matt Murdock—resident Hell’s Kitchen protector.


See, rumors have been going around that Bullseye would be making an appearance, and that Hollywood tough guy Jason Statham would be portraying him (but he squashed those rumors quickly), and while that still may happen, I think that The Punisher is going to be Daredevil’s main concern.

I think the two will be at each other’s necks for the majority of season 2.

See, Daredevil is a lot like Batman, in that he loves to beat heinous criminals to an inch of their life. But that inch is what separates him from The Punisher. Frank Castle is an anti-hero, and he’s the kind that isn’t afraid, and actually prefers to use guns.

He’s got a ton of weapons in his arsenal; rifles, pistols, grenades, even swords sometimes. So it’s safe to say that when he gets in a fight, he won’t be leaving any survivors. “Alright,” you say, “But what if this Punisher doesn’t kill?”

Well, not only would that be completely out of character, we already have some proof that he will. We have some not so solid evidence, and some maybe solid evidence. The not so solid evidence is that we may have seen The Punisher kill in the MCU already; several times actually.

According to a theory, that yellow Penske truck in the picture above, is actually being driven by The Punisher himself! The truck can be seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier twice, and both are during important times.

The first time is in the picture above. When Nick Fury is being chased down the streets of New York City by unseen attackers, the truck smashes into the attackers, giving Nick time to escape.

The second time is when Cap and Black Widow are interrogating Jasper Sitwell in a car. The Winter Soldier suddenly grabs Sitwell from his seat and throws him out of the vehicle, causing the poor guy to collide with the yellow Penske truck.

The directors themselves, Anthony and Joe Russo, have even joked about the identity of the truck driver, and their description of him sounds very familiar:

“The man who drives that truck…Is very highly trained. He thinks on his own terms. He’s got a plan and a very specific skill set.”

Now whether or not that’s The Punisher, we don’t really know, as it’s never confirmed. But if it is The Punisher, then a certain line that Anthony and Joe Russo say is rather intriguing:

He’s got a plan

If this really is Frank Castle, then we know one thing for sure; he’s not playing around. He’s got an actual plan. What that plan is, well that’s a whole other speculation article altogether (but I will say it most likely has to do with Hydra, and maybe even The Winter Soldier himself).

Anyway, back to the evidence. That was the not so solid evidence, because we don’t really know if that was The Punisher or not. The maybe solid evidence can be found in the official promotion and description of Frank Castle, for Daredevilseason 2.

The promotional logo shows the original Daredevil logo riddled with bullet holes. If that isn’t foreshadowing, I don’t know what is. This clearly symbolizes the trouble Castle is going to cause for Murdock.

But that’s not all, just read what Marvel’s Head of Television, Jeph Loeb has to say about The Punisher’s appearance in the Netflix show:

“Castle’s appearance will bring dramatic changes to the world of Matt Murdock and nothing will be the same.”

So it’s clear from the get-go that Frank Castle is set to shake up Daredevil’s world. But I know what you’re saying, it’s obvious that Frank is going to go around killing criminals and Daredevil is going to go after him for it. But that might not be the case.

I think that The Punisher is going to straight for Daredevil himself!

The Punisher, though an upholder of justice himself (in his own twisted way) isn’t too fond of superheroes. He often considers them just as dangerous as the criminals he goes after, because their presence often brings about super villains, like the villain of Daredevil season 1, Kingpin.

Despite this, he always seem to be teaming up with heroes, Daredevil more than anyone.

Coolest. Tag Team. Ever.
Coolest. Tag Team. Ever.

But it’s safe to assume that the Punisher and Daredevil of the MCU have yet to meet, so they’ll likely be less like the image above, and more like the image below…

While I’m certain the two will put their differences aside by the time the season ends, I’m also pretty certain that the two are going to go after each other several times before that. Daredevil because he doesn’t believe in Castle’s kill strategy, and The Punisher because he believes that he’s the only one that can get things done, and that Murdock should just hang up the suit.

So that’s my theory. What do you think? Is The Punisher going to the “bad guy” of Daredevil season 2?

Source: Marvel

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