“Captain America: Civil War” Films London-Like Scenes on Georgia Set

First set pictures leaked late last week as Marvel Studios’ production for next year’s Captain America: Civil War kicks off in the Atlanta area. Yesterday, we here at Heroic Headlines got word from our sources that the studio will be filming a scene that will detail a funeral.

Now, images of yesterday’s shoot in Buckhead, Georgia have arrived on social media via the twitter account for the restaurant Thirteen Pies, which is located there in Buckhead.



(via @thirteen_pies)

These set images include double-decker buses with the British flag on them, similar to those which can be found in London, England. What could be going down in London? After all, the comic book version of the superhero Civil War resulted from the United States government issuing the Superhero Registration Act.

Could the film have change the origins of the act to be a United Nations declaration? It would explain why the Wakandan King T’Challa, better know  as Black Panther, is getting involved in foreign affairs, as well as Sokovian native Wanda Maximoff. 

Interestingly, the posters on the side of the buses include Moon Pie Store ads as well as Double Cola, which was originally started in 1922 under the name “Marvel Cola”.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters next year on May 6th, 2016.


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