It’s Official. Goku Has His Own Holiday!

Aren’t fandoms just great? Thanks to fandoms, we have awesome celebratory holidays like ‘May the 4th Be With You’ or ‘Revenge of the Fifth’.


But while those holidays are unofficial ones, celebrated by fans only, today’s newest holiday is 100% official! The Japan Anniversary Association has officially recognized May 9th as ‘Goku Day’ in Japan! Toei Animation, the animation studio behind the universally acclaimed anime series, Dragon Ball Z, filed an application a while back, and to theirs and everyone else’s surprise, it was approved!


Dragon Ball Z ended in 1996, but the series has still been going strong in our hearts thanks to revisions, video games and movies. Just recently, a new series titled Dragon Ball Super was announced, with an expected July 2015 Japanese release date; so it’s very clear that the world still loves it some DBZ!

May 9th is also a perfect day for such an occasion. See, May is the 5th month, and in Japanese, 5 is ‘Go’, and while there are a few different ways to say 9, it can be read as ‘Ku’. Go Ku, get it?

terribly clever

How are you going to celebrate Goku Day?


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